Dean PictureAs a Pianist myself, I often search the internet for tunes to play for fun and for performances. Whilst there are thousands of music books available commercially, most of them only feature only what the publisher thinks is popular, obviously the more popular a tune is – the more money the publisher is going to make!

This got me thinking about my own collection of sheet music. Over the years I have amassed over five thousand pieces of sheet music – some purchased but most of them handed down from my father who also used to play the piano.

I was interested in vintage sheet music, but mostly for the artwork of the cover. I started to re-visit my collection and play some of the tunes again. This brought back some pleasant memories of the time I was learning but also made me realise what great tunes they were! I started to look back further and play tunes that I have never heard of.

If you are around the same age as me, you would have had an upbringing surrounded by the radio or television. However, you would never hear any of these tunes being played on the radio as most of them would have been composed before this popular medium.

I started to play and record a lot of the sheet music, mainly so that it would be of interest to others who like to play or listen to the piano. I needed a quick way to demonstrate the music being played and I found that the best way to do this was to use a piece of player piano software. Some of the videos on this site are performed live by myself and others are inputted note by note into the program. I think that this is a great way to be able to listen to good quality audio, and see the tune being played – something that is not available on most other sites!

Please enjoy the site and I value your comments, if you can – click on the adverts placed on the site as this helps me to keep the site running.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy the site!

Dean Raybould


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