Collecting Vintage Sheet Music

a warm receptionA Great Choice for Collectibles

Are you thinking of starting a collection but do now know what to collect? If you love piano music or just music, in general, one thing you can take into consideration is getting started with a collection of vintage sheet music. If you are a musically-inclined individual, whether it is your line of work or just a field you really find to be fascinating, this collection will be ideal. It can also be considered as an antiquarian item on the basis of its age and can even be a good investment. For those who love art, it is also a good collectible as most of these sheets feature aesthetically pleasing illustrations.





Photo 12-09-2015 18 22 07The Heydays of Sheet Music

The early part of the 1900s saw the popularity of sheet music and during such time, millions of copies are being sold like pancakes. It was a very huge business opportunity during such time and it is not hard to find. When someone sells it and labels it as being rare, you should be careful as there really is no sure way to put it that way since they are published in bulk, which raises the likelihood of having similar copies. In the 20th century, personalities like Eddie Cantor and Al Jolson have been popular in these sheets. Even pop music has taken its toll and has been popular in sheet music.





the june bugsIn the 1920s, however, the popularity started to dwindle, which can be attributed to the introduction of new technologies, which also changed the music landscape. Piano music has been obsolete as radios and electronic players have surged into fame. A lot of people have also had changes in music preferences.

Starting Your Own Collection

If you plan to kick start vintage sheet music collection, there are a few things you should first know. Musical completeness is one of the primary considerations, especially if your reason for collecting it is because you are a musician. On the other hand, if you do not really collect it for music, you can settle for incomplete sheets, which can make the price more affordable. Some sellers might try to over-market their sheets by saying they have been signed by the original artists. The signature is attached to the copy only in very rare instances. More often than not, rather than a signature, a rubber stamp with the signature of the composer can be found. In most cases, they are also very cheap as they used to be produced in bulk. If you see someone offering it in ridiculously expensive prices, you have a good reason to think twice before making the purchase. To make your vintage sheet music valuable in spite of its cheap price, you can have them framed and used as an accent in your house.

Start your collection now!

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